Do Good

Because Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is meant to be a day of service, I am posting early this week because I have something to share with you that I hope you’ll check out before Monday (and use often).  It’s a website you can find at  This is a website devoted to helping match people with charities or local charitable projects that are in need of volunteers.

The site allows you to select one or more of fifteen areas of interest to you.  If you don’t find your area of interest listed, you can type in keywords that will assist you in finding what you want.  You then put in your zip code.  It’s a simple as that.

Once you’ve entered your information, the website finds projects that you can work on for an hour, a day, a weekend, or indefinitely.  Here’s a sample of projects I found in my area:  sorting coats on January 20th (MLK Day) to be distributed in the surrounding communities; a full-time internship beginning May 1st to monitor coastal nesting birds; volunteering at the local animal shelter.

I checked out some other randomly-selected (sort of) areas, too.  Here are some opportunities that are available:  beginning on March 1st in Sackets Harbor, NY, volunteers will be needed as Event Assistants to work with Great Strides, the largest national fundraiser of the year for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  On January 20th in Syracuse, NY, volunteers are needed “to help sort, fold, package and deliver donations to area non-profits.”  In Kailua-Kona, HI, AARP is always looking for volunteers to be Information Assistants to link people in need with services available.  In San Francisco, CA, the Hamilton Family Center is looking for people to help children with homework or tutoring on January 23rd.  On January 31st in Denver, CO, Community Shares is looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers to help edit Spanish translations of English documents.  And last, but not least, in Bloomington, IN, on January 20th, people are needed to go out in teams to collect money and food for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

There are so many opportunities to volunteer, help, and serve the communities in which we live.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. Day approaches, please remember the less fortunate in your community and resolve to do good for them.

Until January 28th,


2 thoughts on “Do Good”

  1. Hello Amy,

    Well said. I feel like people need to get out more and volunteer. I volunteer at my church and at animal shelters. I checked out the website you mentioned, and I think it is very useful. I found some charities that I will volunteer at.

    Rebecca H.


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