My Bucket List

One of my daughters is a consummate list-maker.  She has lists for everything you can imagine, from her favorite foods to her favorite Disney movies to places she wants to visit.  I’m taking my cue from her today and making a list.  My bucket list.  I’m going to stop myself at ten items because that’s a nice round number and because I don’t want to bore you to death.

When I thought about writing this post, I realized I don’t really have a bucket list.  But when I actually tried to decide what might be on it, I had a hard time narrowing it down to ten.  I imagine most people have that same problem.  

Here goes.

First, I’d like to travel to Greece.  I want to see the postcard places with the white buildings and cerulean ocean in the background.  I want to taste real Greek cuisine.  I want to see all the places I’ve only read about in history books.

Second, I want to take a class at the Culinary Institute of America.  It doesn’t have to be any particular kind of class, though I’m partial to desserts.  

Third, I would love to learn French.  I took French in high school, but I remember almost nothing and if I had to have a conversation, I would be limited to “please” and “thank you” and “shut your mouth” and “I love cheese.”

Fourth and Fifth, I’d like to take two kinds of vacations:  an eco-vacation and a volunteer vacation.  The eco-vacation doesn’t have to be anywhere specific, but it would be nice if it were in a warm place.  And I’d like to take a volunteer vacation in South America. 

Sixth, I want to see a performance at Carnegie Hall.  In all the years I lived in and near Manhattan, I never visited Carnegie Hall and it’s one of the few things I regret about that time. 

Seventh, I want to go to Scotland.  I want to see the mountains and the plaids and the lochs.

Eighth, I want to go to Ireland.  I want to taste honest-to-goodness Irish pub food and see lots of green and lots of sheep.   

Ninth, I’d love to go whitewater rafting on the Colorado River.  I don’t even know why.  It just looks so cool in pictures.

And last, but not least, I’d like to see the Northern Lights.  Preferably from Norway.  

So that’s my bucket list.  I hope it inspires you to come up with your own if you haven’t yet, and I hope it inspires you to let me know what’s on yours. 

Until next week,


6 thoughts on “My Bucket List”

  1. Amy, great bucket list. The only thing on my bucket list is to one day have a place on the water. Preferably, Clayton New York


  2. I like these lists. Mine includes going to England (seeing the Royal Botanic Garden, shopping at Harrods, stocking up on tea), taking a hot-air balloon ride and taking a belly dancing class, because why not. Finding a cure for cancer would be wonderful, and definitely beyond my abilities. 🙂


    1. Hi, Marlaina,
      Great list! I would love to take a hot-air balloon ride, but if I took a belly dancing class, it would be a broken back waiting to happen. I am not the most graceful. If I ever go to England, I’d love to see the Cotswolds. Something about thatched roof cottages and ancient villages is very appealing. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments!


  3. Hi Amy,

    I tend to be a list maker myself. I do have a bucket list, and some of the items of it are – one, visit Europe; two, help discover a cure for Cancer, and three, run a marathon. I have a lot more things on my bucket list, but I don’t want to bore you with the details.

    Looking forward to your next post,
    Rebecca H.


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