4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Author?”

  1. Hi Amy,

    I have lots of favorite authors. I have to agree with you about Dr. Seuss. I also have to agree with you about Carolyn Keene. I love to read Carolyn Keene, especially when I am in the car or on a plane, because, to me, it is a long read. I also love Meg Cabot, because she writes so many different genres, for so many different age groups.

    Looking forward to your next post,
    Rebecca H.


    1. Hi, Rebecca,

      Meg Cabot is another great writer, too. I haven’t read all of her books, but I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve read. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I agree with you about Austen, though once I finally read all her books I decided I liked “Persuasion” best. The other books are about teenagers; this one is about grownups.

    Mark Twain is great (and funny). Hemingway too, though I’m going with “To Have and Have Not.” Dr. Seuss is a perennial around here.

    But if I were to be completely honest, I’d say Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman are my favorites. Because I’m a geek. đŸ™‚ Also because they were both such versatile writers across genres. I’m fascinated by the fact that Gaiman is now an award-winning children’s author, since he was originally known for dark fantasy/horror comics that are utterly not for kids.


    1. Hi, Marlaina,

      It is incredible about Neil Gaiman; his ability to write across genres is one of the marks of a truly great writer. Ray Bradbury is another great writer, but I don’t read much of his work because I’m not a huge science fiction or fantasy fan. Thanks for stopping by!


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