If You Could Only Keep Three Things, What Would They Be?

The other day I was driving my eldest home from work when she asked, “What would you save if the house was burning and you could only choose three things?”

The lawyer in me answered immediately, “Well, I’d save you and your sister and brother and Dad and then the dog and the cats. I don’t consider those ‘things,’ so they don’t count.”

She sighed. “Just pick, will you?”

I had to think about it for a minute. What would I pick? To make a very long story short, I couldn’t choose only three. It made me feel a little better that my daughter couldn’t choose just three, either.

Here are some of the many things I chose:

1. My purse. If you’re a woman, then you understand. If you’re not, don’t even try to understand.

2. The stuffed koala I keep on my bed. I got him one Christmas when I was ten or twelve years old- I don’t remember exactly. He went on trips with me when I was young, and he went to college and law school with me. He’s like a member of the family- how could I leave him behind?

3. Thousands of photos taken over the years. These include the photos from my childhood, my husband’s childhood, and every single thing that I’ve ever documented from my children’s lives, including but certainly not limited to their births, friends, parties, holidays, silly faces, our old cats, trips, graduations, and the day we got our dog.

4. My Kindle.

5. All my books. There are thousands, and they are everywhere. I have books in the attic, in my closet, under the bed, and in every other room of the house, including the kitchen and the garage. It would take ages to gather all the books together, but it would be worth it.

6. A laptop. Without access to a computer and the Internet, I’m doomed.

There are lots of other things I would take with me, but I’m more interested in what you would take if you had to choose. Care to share them?

Until next week,


P.S. Want to know what my daughter picked? Her iPhone, photos, stuffed animals, and her boxed set of all ten seasons of “Friends.”

2 comments on “If You Could Only Keep Three Things, What Would They Be?

  1. Rebecca H. says:


    I guess that choosing ‘my house’ to save wouldn’t be a correct answer, would it?

    But, really, to pick three items, I would choose my thousands and thousands of pictures, Winter (a stuffed animal that I got at Christmas), and all of my many, many books.

    Rebecca H.


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