New Year’s Resolutions 2.0

Happy 2015!

Last year at about this time, I shared with you the things I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I was successful with some, not so much with others. This year I’ve decided to give resolutions a different name: a wish list. The word “resolutions” has a do-or-die sound to it, and I don’t want to feel bad at the end of the year when, inevitably, I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted to do.

For example, you may remember (I know certain people do and they keep mentioning it to me) that I wanted to clean the garage. Didn’t happen.

I also wanted to clean the attic. Also didn’t happen. I  tried, believe me. But it wasn’t to be (nor was the replacement of my kids’ closet doors).

But I did write more and I hope I improved, I took more pictures, I became more active on social media, and I ran a 5K.

So I know you’re dying to find out what I have planned for this year. Not surprisingly, I’d like to clean the attic and the garage. I’m not going to call these resolutions, but I will simply refer to them as two items on my 2015 wish list. By the way, these will probably be on my wish list every year until I die. Replacing my kids’ closet doors should also go on the list.

Here are some other things I’ve added to my wish list:

1. start another new novel (more on this later in the year) (this is actually more of a resolution than a wish);

2. start writing a series (again, more on this later in the year–hopefully) (ditto about being a resolution);

3. replace the garage doors, one of which is held in place with a broom handle;

4. landscape my yard with something other than dead plants;

5. run another 5K; and

6. help my daughter sew the tote bag I’ve been promising to help her with for two years.

Wait! I’ve already done #6! Cross that right off my wish list!

Want to see pictures? I knew you would (some of you may already have seen these on Facebook).

tote bag 1tote bag 2

As I think of other things I want to add to my list, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, what’s on your wish list for this year? I’d love to know!

Until next week,



6 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 2.0”

  1. Hello Amy,
    Love the use of the word Wishes vs Resolution… I stopped making resolutions years ago. And I do create a wish list each year. Unfortunately, this year I have to lose 20 pounds. so it is more than just a wish, it is a must do… LOL… I also drink way too much diet coke. So instead of going cold turkey, I have decided to cut out caffeine. I still drink diet coke without caffeine, With that, I don’t feel a loss. So far, so good. Since I am what they call a snowbird, I live in a travel trailer during the winter. Although, it is plenty big enough for one person, I am always looking for new ideas for organizing and downsizing. Getting rid of years of stuff was the toughest, but I have done a good job. I am always researching tips on cleaning out and organizing, so I am going to share a tip with you regarding your garage and Attic. I know this works, because when I was a home owner, I did it.

    Here goes: Make a date with your garage.. Place it on your calendar for 30 minutes. I know, I know… 30 minutes isn’t long enough. But all you are going to do on this date is look at the garage, and mentally, divide it into sections. Take the Easiest section (least cluttered), and a large trash can and throw away everything that is trash. That is all you do in this 30 minutes. One section only trash. When done, walk away. Continue setting 30 minute dates until the trash is gone. Next, Set dates and set aside things you want to donate/sell. Lastly, Organize the things that are left, perhaps storage containers or cabinets. and by all means, use wall space and perhaps hanging shelves from the ceiling. And finally, establish a rule: If anyone puts something in the garage, they must take something out… Good Luck with your wish list… hopefully next year you will report a 100% success…

    And Definitely keep writing, I enjoy reading your blog and your FB page. And I can’t wait to see the location/storyline on your series. Again, Happy New Year!


    1. Wow! You should try writing a book on organization. I’m going to try to do that. What I’ve been doing in my our office is setting a timer for 20 minutes a day and cleaning for just that amount of time–no more. It’s mostly shredding and recycling at this point, but it will get worse and morph into filing, which I hate to do. The problem I’ve had is that I need the discipline to do my 20 minutes a day. It’s too easy for me to say, “The mess will be there tomorrow, so why don’t I write/fold laundry/clean the toilet/walk the dog/etc. now and leave the mess for tomorrow?” Then when tomorrow comes I have the same discussion with myself.

      Spoiler alert: the office always loses.

      I think my real problem at this point is discipline. But I like your suggestion of dividing the mess into trash, donate/sell, storage. That’s a system I hadn’t thought of, and it might just work for the office, too.

      And good luck with cutting down on the diet coke! I have a feeling you’ll be able to do whatever you set your mind to!! Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Haha.. I don’t think I will be writing a book any time soon… but I do love to research… And you are most definitely disciplined otherwise you wouldn’t be able to write… I would diagnose your problem with the term Selective Discipline…. LOL… Keep plugging…. We always manage to get done what needs to be done. 🙂


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