My Blog Tour: The End

Thank you to everyone who visited any of my guest blogs over the last couple weeks, who left a comment, who read the book, and/or who reached out to tell me they enjoyed it. You have made the release of The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor a rewarding and successful experience for me.

As I await my editor’s comments and suggestions on my third novel (which doesn’t have an official name yet), I have begun research on my fourth novel. As you may know from reading┬ásome of my previous posts on this blog or on other blogs, research is my favorite part of preparing to write a novel. So I’m having a great time and I may even take a couple of local field trips for this one.

I have just one place to send you today: it’s an interview I did for the Dames of Dialogue and you can find it at I hope you’ll take a minute to visit!

Until next time,