My Homework Photos

As you may remember, a couple weeks ago I gave you some homework: visit someplace new. There were quite a few comments about places my intrepid readers wanted to go, and I’m wondering where you went and what you thought of it.

I’ll go first.

I went to Historic Cold Spring Village, a tiny settlement that was populated during the 1700s because of its proximity to — you guessed it — a cold spring. It was common for villages and towns to form around and near sources of fresh water so the inhabitants didn’t have to go far to get the water they needed for drinking and cooking and laundry.

Historic Cold Spring Village has a number of buildings that have been beautifully restored. There is a bookbindery, a tinsmithy, a woodworking barn, a blacksmithy,  a tavern, an inn, a school, a house, a general store, a pottery, a print shop, a broommaker’s shop, and a number of other buildings. There is, of course, a cold spring complete with pump handle and barrel. When my daughter and her friend were covered with soot from the blacksmith’s shop, we headed right to the spring to wash it off.

I designated my daughter the official photographer of our visit, so I’m sharing some of her pictures with you this week.

woodworking building at HCSV Woodworking building

tinsmith at HCSV Tinsmithy

small building at HCSV I actually don’t know what this small building was used for!

schoolhouse at HCSV Schoolhouse

blacksmith at HCSV Blacksmith

bookbindery at HCSV Bookbindery

tavern dining room at HCSV Tavern/Inn dining room

inn at HCSV Inn (tavern to the right, dining room to the left)

tavern at HCSV Tavern (women not allowed!)

rooster at HCSV

pig at HCSV

horse at HCSV

And last, but not least,

pump at HCSV the cold spring!

So, how did I do on my homework?

I’d love to hear what you did!

Until next week,


4 thoughts on “My Homework Photos”

  1. This was a great tour and wonderful descriptions to go with the wide variety of photographs of Cold Spring Village. Maybe this is not necessary to mention, but “drop-in’s” like myself may wish to know what state this is in. Silly me, I guess I could look it up. I like suggestions (and I get corrections, too) on my blog.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour of Cold Spring Village! I should have mentioned that it’s in New Jersey, in the far southern part of the state, near Cape May. Thanks for the reminder and thanks also for stopping by!


  2. Well, I give you an A+, this sounds like a beautiful place… I love visiting historical villages…. And I give your daughter an A+ as well, for beautiful pictures…

    I visited the Roosevelt Estate in Hyde Park, NY a few days ago… It was tough to get close to the rooms with kids, and the fact that there were so many people, made it harder…. The museum is awesome with all kinds of movie clips that the kids enjoyed… The grounds, especially the rose garden were beautiful. FDR, being paralyzed, was an amazing man, and certainly an example to the fact that we live in a great country, and anything is possible. I intend to take the girls back when they get a little older because the history in this home and museum is inspiring.

    Until Next Week, “Keep Reading and Writing”.



    1. I like the A+ and so does my daughter!

      The Roosevelt Estate sounds like a great place to visit. It’s nice for your girls to see such inspiring places when they’re young–I’m sure they’ll remember it as they get older. So nice for you to be able to take them, too, and show them that history is fun for everyone. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with everyone where you went and what you saw!


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