Wells…Capturing History

Sue Vincent has posted some beautiful photos and thoughts from Wells Cathedral in Somerset, England. As a tour guide kept telling us Americans on our trip to England last summer, “now THAT’S history!”

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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It is a goodly while since I was last at Wells Cathedral in Somerset. Three years, when I think…Back then I took fewer photographs…though my friend still commented upon quite how many… Now, of course, I hate cathedrals… but only bacause I would need to be there for a week with the camera to do these wonderful stories in stone full justice.

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Wells has been described as being one of the most beautiful and poetic cathedrals in Engalnd. Certainly it is one of the most pleasing, being almost entirely built in a single style when seen from the facade. The orginal church is long gone, a structure built in 705AD and replaced nearly five hundred years later by the current cathedral. The original font, however, still stands in the cathedral, a beautiful link with those whose faith had built the first church here some 1300 years ago.

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Begun around 1175…

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