Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies and Some Baking Tips To Make Them Perfect

This is a great post from my friend Sharon, who shares a sugar cookie recipe that I am going to try this season.

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I would create a list of baking tips. When I was a young mom, I would always start baking right after Halloween, mostly because I would run out of time if I didn’t start early. It was great having cookies in the freezer whenever I needed them for a party, a school function, or last minute arrival of guests. Also, if you live in a colder climate, baking cookies warms the house up very quickly. 🙂

Today, I find myself looking things up as I bake and maybe it would be nice to have some of those things close by. What did we do before the internet?

Tip 1: Create a conversion chart. Print it on either photo paper or cardstock. Attach it to your refrigerator or stove with a magnetic.

.conversion chart

Tip 2: When making sugar cookies start with a basic recipe:…

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