Before you click “Send”, think again …

This is a great reminder of the downside of social media–thanks, Susan!

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On April 7, 2011, I posted I’m negative on negativity to this blog.

That post came to mind this morning when I received a negative comment on a positive status update I had posted. Why, I wondered, are there still so many people out there who feel the need to rain on everyone else’s parade? Are their lives so miserable and negative that they must bring people like me down to their level? It’s not just me who receives these comments, though, but others who also choose to post positive thoughts. I see negative comments all the time.

Plus I just lived through a very negative Canadian election (not unlike the one I describe in that post from 2011) during which I wanted to scream out, “Instead of telling us who you plan to vote OUT of office, please tell us the positive reasons why those you’re voting for will…

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