4 thoughts on “Please”

  1. Excellent list! And even more importantly, don’t use chemicals in your gardens. Join the voices against herbicides and pesticides and GMOs. Buy organic. The chemicals are bad for humans too!
    Great post. A cause of mine…or couldn’t you tell 😀 😀

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    1. You’re right– everyone wonders about Colony Collapse Disorder and where it originated, but all the evidence seems to point in the direction of the chemical cocktails which have done great damage to ecosystems and bees’ physiology.

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      1. There’s some reputable work being done on the link of glyphosate (a component in these chemical cocktails) to the rise in autism and other human nervous system ailments. It’s frightening 😦


      2. It’s scary, especially given the huge rise in cases of autism and CNS illnesses. And even if the problem were only with the bees, it’s terrifying to think about how the food supply would be decimated if the bees died off.

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