My Take on How to be a Happy Slob by Annie Kelleher

I need this book! Thanks to Sharon Aguanno for a great review of Annie Kelleher’s new release.

How to be a Happy Slob: A manifesto for those who don’t aspire to perfection

Having become ill recently, the one main frustration I have encountered is not being able to do the things I once could. For example, the simple things in life that came so easily for me are just frustrations now. Those things we take for granted, like cooking my own meals washing my own clothes, and yes changing the sheets on my bed. Oh, I can do them, but what once took 15 minutes, now takes over an hour and exhausts me to the point of needing a nap when I finish. I am very fortunate to be living with my son and daughter-in-law who take care of these things for me, but I have always been very independent and find relying on other people hard.

So, on to Annie’s book: Yesterday, Annie posted a picture…

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