Happy Wednesday!

Hawaii 2013 015

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve compiled a list of places where I’ll be visiting online today. There are three guest posts, a review, and a giveaway for you today. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Guest post, excerpt, and giveaway on The Reading Cove Book Club. The guest post is about my glamorous, jet-setting life. Ha.
  2. Guest post on Sprinkled Notes (this post actually went live yesterday, but not before I published my Release Day post). I hope you’ll take a look and enjoy a virtual drive around the Island of Hawaii.
  3. Guest post and giveaway on Storey Book Reviews.
  4. Giveaway on Born to Read Books.
  5. Review on The Avid Reader.

Have a great day!

Until next time,


8 comments on “Happy Wednesday!

  1. lindamthorne says:

    Amy Reade, you sure know how to promote! You’re everywhere at once.


    • amreade says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Linda. As I mentioned to someone yesterday, I’m getting quite sick of myself! But I feel like I’m neglecting the business side of the book release if I don’t promote it ad nauseam. 🙂


  2. sunnyfrazier says:

    Opps! They weren’t highlighted. I see now I can click on them!


  3. sunnyfrazier says:

    Wish you’d given the URL’s. Also, is this a blog you designed or one you paid to do? Curious.


  4. macjam47 says:

    I’ll be checking them out. Have a terrific Wednesday.

    Liked by 1 person

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