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Stevie Turner interview

Today on Reade and Write I welcome Stevie Turner, award-winning author of A House Without Windows and The Daughter-in-Law Syndrome, among many others. I was recently interviewed on her blog, and she’s here to promote her new book, Repent at Leisure. Welcome, Stevie!

Tell me about your new book.

My latest women’s fiction book ‘Repent at Leisure’ has been taken up by the independent publishers Creativia.  It is told from 2 perspectives; that of Paul McAdam and his fiancée Anita Fairfax.  An excerpt has made the shortlist of the U.K’s Escalator Writing Competition.

Paul wakes up to the sight of a strange woman in his bed whom he has never seen before. Cat Taylor worms her way into Paul’s life and his Edinburgh flat with sex as her main bargaining tool, and of course Paul succumbs.  On an evening out with a friend, Paul meets Anita, the girl of his dreams, and he then needs Cat out of his flat and his life.  However, Cat has other ideas and refuses to go…..

Who is the audience for the book?

Adults, and I think also men would enjoy this story as well as women, as they can probably relate to Paul’s side of the story.

Tell me about the setting of your book – how did you choose it, what kind of research did you have to do, and why did you choose it?

I went up to Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve 1999, and wanted to incorporate the experience into the story.  I looked back at all my photos from that night, and the memories came flooding back.  I had to research the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Google for Paul and Terry’s climb as I’ve never been to Australia before, but all other places in the story I’ve been to, such as Binibeca in Menorca.

What was the hardest thing about writing the book?

Getting enough time to actually write it.  I seem to spend most of my time marketing my other books these days.

Are you in one or more critique groups or partnerships?

Yes, there’s Inkitt, which is a good site.  Also Wattpad and Koobug.  I also belong to various Facebook author groups, and am taking part in my first author signing event on 13th August!

If your book was made into a movie, who would you like to see playing the main characters?

Oh dear, I’m always terrible at this because I don’t watch too many films.  My two characters are both in their early twenties, and to be honest I prefer to watch films with older stars I’ve grown up with who are now too old to play Paul and Anita.  Off the top of my head I cannot think of any young actors or actresses at all!

And you’ve written other books, right?

Yes, I’ve written 8 other women’s fiction novels, four novellas, and a collection of short stories called Life: 18 short stories about significant life events.  All my books, their descriptions and previews can be seen on my website

Do you write every day?

I try to, although life does sometimes get in the way. And then there is the fact that I have to undertake much hated marketing!

When you read a book, which authors/genres do you like the best?

I like to read what I write; that is women’s fiction.  I like stories about family relationships, and also psychological suspense.  Authors I like are Gillian Flynn, Emily Bleeker, Paula Harding, Lucie Whitehouse, and Mark Edwards.

Where would you like to go more than anywhere else on earth?

A place I’ve seen often in films, and finally I’m actually going there in February 2017 – New Orleans’ Mardi Gras festival as part of a 14 day cruise.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

You’ve written the book, but now you’ve got to get your name out there and join the millions of us who are hustling our wares online.  Sad but true; you’ve got to spend at least half of your day marketing the thing because it won’t sell itself!

What is your favourite movie and why?

Actually I have 3 favourite films; the 1970 version of ‘The Go-Between’, ‘Out of Africa’, and ‘The Godfather Part 1’.  I’m nearly word perfect in all of them as I’ve watched them so much!  Wonderful stuff.  However, if I had to choose one I’d pick ‘Out of Africa’.  It’s got it all; a true story, wonderful music, and Robert Redford.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I probably wouldn’t have listened, but I’d say two words…..’SAY NO!’

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Hair.  Glasses. Daydreamer.

Is there anything I haven’t asked that you wanted me to?

Just that my book Life: 18 short stories about significant life events will be available for a free download from June 18 to June 22, 2106.

Where can readers connect with you?

On these links here:







Amazon Author Page:




Where can readers find your books?

Descriptions, reviews and previews are available on my website  and books can be purchased from Amazon using this worldwide link:





18 thoughts on “Meet Stevie Turner”

  1. I’m surprised nobody mentioned to Stevie about joining the Posse. Stevie, this is a site for authors of all genres to help with promotion. Mutual support and good information. You should join.


      1. Wait, I think you’re right! I do remember her as a new member. We can’t wait to hear from her.


  2. I enjoyed learning more about Stevie, her book, and reading her comments about writing. It’s so true – the marketing part is more than half the battle of writing and publishing. Good luck, Stevie!


    1. As I sit here trying to figure out flights to and from New Orleans for Bouchercon, I have to remind myself that marketing (including appearances and networking) are all essential. Sigh. I’d rather just sit at home and write. So glad you stopped by!

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  3. It’s Tuesday, I forgot! I like Stevie’s advice to her younger self. I remember receiving that very advice from my mother. And I have given it over and over… just last week to my granddaughter. “if ever you are undecided or have doubts, SAY NO”

    Just added Stevie’s book to my Amazon wish list! getting longer every day.

    Have a great week, and don’t forget to:

    “Keep Reading and Writing”

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