We Are the World Blogfest #WATWB

Today I’m participating in the We Are The World Blogfest, a blog celebration of good news all over the world. Here’s how it works: On the last Friday of each month a number of bloggers participate in a blog hop in which each blogger highlights a story that spreads good news, happiness, and hope.

So here’s the link to the story I want to share: good newsIt’s about a son-in-law to-be who makes a heartwarming sacrifice for his new “dad.”

These are the cohosts for this month: Simon FalkRoshan Radhakrishnan, Inderpreet Upal, Sylvia Stein, and Damyanti Biswas. Click the name of the cohost to visit his or her blog.

Want to join? Click this link to sign up and help spread some happiness!


28 thoughts on “We Are the World Blogfest #WATWB”

  1. Hi Amy – what a wonderful story … thank goodness a match was found – and that generous gesture from his son-in-law to be at that stage … love his comment he doesn’t need to think about father’s day presents for a few years!! Cheers Hilary


    1. Thanks, Michelle! The best part about this blog hop, for me, is doing the research. You realize there’s a lot of good news out there that doesn’t get shared like the bad news does.

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    1. I’m so glad I figured out how to do the badge! Thanks for all your help and support. I do love browsing through all the good news stories. A happy way to end the month. 🙂


    1. Isn’t that a happy ending? We don’t see enough of those on the news, which is part of the reason this blogfest is such a wonderful thing. I’m glad you stopped by!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Emily. I had a wonderful time looking for something to add to the blogfest. There’s a lot of beautiful stuff going on out there! Thanks for stopping by.


    1. That family is getting a keeper in that young man. I wish all of them the very best. Thanks for your lovely comment. You have a good weekend, too!


    1. I wish I had come up with it! But it’s such a nice way to try to counteract all the awful things that permeate the news everywhere else you look.


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