#WATWB is Taking a Holiday Break–But I Still Have a Story for You

Today is a double-whammy — not only is it the last Friday of the month, but it’s the last Friday of 2017. This event calls for a special article about good news that will (hopefully) take you into 2018 with a smile. And though the #WATWB is taking a break this month, I wanted to share a story about choosing happiness in the face of negative, even dire, circumstances. It takes a few minutes to read, but I hope you’ll read all of it because the message is both necessary and beautiful in its simplicity.

Click here to read the story.

Here’s how #WATWB works: On the last Friday of each month a number of bloggers participate in a blog hop in which each blogger highlights a story that spreads good news, happiness, and hope.

Because #WATWB is taking a break for the holidays, I don’t have a list of other blogs to send you to. But if you go onto social media and type in “#WATWB” you should be able to find other good news stories that will encourage you to choose joy.

I wish you and yours all the best in 2018. Happy new year!



7 thoughts on “#WATWB is Taking a Holiday Break–But I Still Have a Story for You”

  1. Fascinating article, Amy. Isn’t it interesting how (obviously unhappy) people can even find fault with the Dalai Lama – for smiling too much? I try to smile at people I pass by. Some smile back. Some look at me as if I’m nuts. Perhaps I am. But at least I’m a happy nutty person. 🙂

    HAPPY New Year. xo


    1. That was my thought when I read the article–who could possibly criticize someone else for smiling too much?! It was about twelve years ago when I made a conscious decision to smile as often as I could and you know what? It’s made me a happier person and I find that I’m more outgoing and more approachable, too. Happy, smiley, new year, my friend!! 🙂

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