#WATWB is Taking a Holiday Break–But I Still Have a Story for You

Today is a double-whammy — not only is it the last Friday of the month, but it’s the last Friday of 2017. This event calls for a special article about good news that will (hopefully) take you into 2018 with a smile. And though the #WATWB is taking a break this month, I wanted to share a story about choosing happiness in the face of negative, even dire, circumstances. It takes a few minutes to read, but I hope you’ll read all of it because the message is both necessary and beautiful in its simplicity.

Click here to read the story.

Here’s how #WATWB works: On the last Friday of each month a number of bloggers participate in a blog hop in which each blogger highlights a story that spreads good news, happiness, and hope.

Because #WATWB is taking a break for the holidays, I don’t have a list of other blogs to send you to. But if you go onto social media and type in “#WATWB” you should be able to find other good news stories that will encourage you to choose joy.

I wish you and yours all the best in 2018. Happy new year!



7 comments on “#WATWB is Taking a Holiday Break–But I Still Have a Story for You

  1. Interesting article! Choose to Smile, Choise to be Happy! Not always easy, but worth the effort!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Fascinating article, Amy. Isn’t it interesting how (obviously unhappy) people can even find fault with the Dalai Lama – for smiling too much? I try to smile at people I pass by. Some smile back. Some look at me as if I’m nuts. Perhaps I am. But at least I’m a happy nutty person. 🙂

    HAPPY New Year. xo


    • amreade says:

      That was my thought when I read the article–who could possibly criticize someone else for smiling too much?! It was about twelve years ago when I made a conscious decision to smile as often as I could and you know what? It’s made me a happier person and I find that I’m more outgoing and more approachable, too. Happy, smiley, new year, my friend!! 🙂

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