First Tuesday Recipes for July

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This post almost didn’t happen because I’ve been having so many problems with my computer, which finally died last Friday. Luckily, my daughter wasn’t using hers this morning (Monday, July 7th), so I borrowed it to write the post.

If you live in a place where it’s anywhere near as hot as in New Jersey (where we’re literally melting in the streets), you’ll appreciate some no-cook/grilling recipes this month. And that’s exactly what I’ve got for you.

Grilled Shrimp

This is a recipe I adapted from Food.Com.

2 lbs. extra large uncooked shrimp (size 21-25), peeled and deveined

2 t. finely minced garlic

1 t. paprika

1 t. Italian seasoning

1 t. basil

1/4 t. black pepper

2 T. olive oil

1 T. lemon juice

1 T. brown sugar

Mix all ingredients in a large zip-top plastic bag. Marinate in refrigerator for 20 minutes. While the shrimp is marinating, preheat grill to high. Grill shrimp until pink and charred, about 2-3 minutes per side. Using a grill basket makes grilling the shrimp much easier!!


“The Wild Thornberrys'” Watergate Salad

This is from neither “The Wild Thornberrys” nor the Watergate, but it is very similar to the famous salad and that’s what my family calls it.

1 small box pistachio pudding mix

2 8-oz. cans crushed pineapple,Β  undrained

8-oz. container Cool Whip

8 oz. cottage cheese

1 c. mini marshmallows

In a large bowl, combine pudding mix and pineapple (with juice) until blended. Add Cool Whip, cottage cheese, and mini marshmallows. Stir gently until combined. Spread in a 13 x 9″ baking dish and chill until ready to serve.


Greek Sandwich


8 slices sourdough bread

1/4 t. each salt and pepper

8 slices tomato

1 cucumber, peeled and cut into slices the same thickness as the tomato

3 c. spring greens or other greens of your choice

1/2 small red onion, sliced thinly

2 T. pitted Kalamata olives, chopped


2 T. crumbled feta cheese

2 T. lemon juice

1 T. olive oil

1/2 t. sugar

1/2 t. oregano

1 clove garlic, minced

pinch salt

Have all ingredients ready (mise en place–you’ll be glad you did). Toast bread lightly. While the bread toasts, combine the salt and pepper in a small bowl. Prepare vinaigrette by mixing all ingredients with a whisk until well-combined.

As soon as the bread is golden, divide the tomato slices evenly on four pieces of bread. Sprinkle with half the salt and pepper mixture. Place cucumbers on top of the tomatoes; sprinkle with remaining salt and pepper. Add greens, onion, and olives to the vinaigrette; mix well. Arrange greens mixture over the cucumbers. Top with remaining toast.


Until next time,


P.S. I have absolutely no idea why some of the ingredients are highlighted in this post, but it means nothing. Carry on.



21 comments on “First Tuesday Recipes for July

  1. These are great recipes, Amy. Thanks for sharing.


  2. dgkaye says:

    Should not be reading this late at night. LOL, snacktime! πŸ™‚ xx


  3. Darlene says:

    These all look great. Keep cool! It’s hot here in Spain as well.


  4. says:

    Thanks Amy. Trying the pistacchio thing. We’ll hit 111 degrees today…ciao.


  5. MomzillaNC says:

    We’re going to just have to try that shrimp recipe. We just had shrimp last night in my Cajun-styled brown rice dish. I’m not able to stand and cook myself at the moment, but my husband followed my recipe perfectly. In fact, it actually came out better than the last time I made it!

    Uh oh! He might get the idea that I’m NOT indispensable! LOL


  6. Pat Wahler says:

    In this weather, who wants to turn on the stove? Thanks, Amy. These look delish.

    P.S. I’m almost halfway through Cape Menace and loving it! πŸ™‚


  7. CarolCooks2 says:

    Love the sandwich recipe…all my fav ingredients…sorry to hear about your computer I am nursing mine along at the moment so I know how you feel having been there its like losing your right arm …


    • amreade says:

      I love sandwiches, and when they start with sourdough bread…well, that’s a keeper.

      I actually got a warning a few days before the computer died that the fan had malfunctioned and I was in danger of losing everything. I spent three days trying to get all my docs and downloads into the cloud because–I know, I’m stupid–I didn’t have anything backed up. Including the WIP that’s 97% done. The worst thing now is that I’ve lost my bookmarks and there’s a CD trapped in the computer. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • CarolCooks2 says:

        Oh no..Amy…I learnt my lesson with my last laptop and now I back everything up so if it just dies it will be inconvenient but I will have everything backed up …Yes bookmarks is the thing I don’t think I have them backed up and not sure how to do it…Good luck I hope you can retrieve most if not all of your work…


      • amreade says:

        I think I’ve learned my lesson. I do wish I could get those bookmarks back, though. On the other hand, this will force me to clean them up a little and pare them down.


  8. Lelia T says:

    Can’t wait to try the shrimp!


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