The Last Tuesday Book Roundup

As you know, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for regular features on this blog. We’ve got the First Tuesday Recipes, We Are the World Blogfest on the last Friday of each month, a monthly author feature (interview and/or guest blog post), and a post that I write based on whatever I’m feeling like writing (last month it was the special “holidays” in July, two months ago it was my summer reading wish list). I also like to do a book recommendation whenever I find a book I’ve really enjoyed. We tried a monthly book club, but we didn’t have a ton of participation.

So I’m trying something different for the last Tuesday of each month and it takes almost no effort to participate: all you do is tell us in the comments about whatever book you happen to be reading.

See how easy that is?

You can simply tell us the title and author, or you can go a little further and tell us a little bit about the book. My hope is that we all are exposed to books other than the ones we’re reading–maybe books in a genre we don’t usually read, maybe books we haven’t heard about but think we might enjoy.

I’ll start. I’m reading two books at the moment: Secrets in Storyville by Patricia Gligor and Death on Heels by Ellen Byerrum. Since Secrets in Storyville was the subject of a blog post earlier this month, I’ll focus on Death on Heels.

Death on Heels is about Lacey Smithsonian, a fashion reporter from Washington, DC. Her old boyfriend and cattle rancher, Cole Tucker, has been arrested for the murders of three women in her hometown of Sagebrush, Colorado. This doesn’t sound like the Cole she used to love, so she heads out west to help clear his name.

So far, I’m enjoying the book. There are some short “Fashion Bites” every few chapters, and I have to say I could do without them. But on the whole, it’s been a good read.

What are you reading?

Until next time,


Welcome Back, Patricia Gligor!

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Patricia Gligor back to Reade and Write. Pat is the author of the Malone Mystery series, and if you’ve read any of those books you already know Pat can weave a compelling tale. She’s here today to tell us about her new release, Secrets in Storyville. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Kate Morgan, a single mother, lives in the small town of Storyville, Ohio, where she grew up. A want-to-be author, she works as a sales clerk in the town’s only department store doing what she describes as “a job a monkey could do.” Although she’s bored with her job, she’s reluctant to consider making any major changes in her life. However, she’s about to find out that change is inevitable.

When Kate’s ten-year-old daughter, Mandy, tells the family she plans to do a family tree for a school project, the negative reaction of Kate’s parents and grandmother shocks her but also arouses her curiosity. Why are they so against Mandy’s project? Surely her family is too “normal” to have any skeletons in their closet.

Kate decides to support her daughter even if that means defying her parents. As she searches for the truth, she discovers some long buried secrets that, if she decides to reveal them, will change her life and the lives of the people she loves – forever.


Pat wrote a quick post for Reade and Write–I think you’ll like it:

“We all know that laughter is cathartic. No matter what’s going on in our lives and in the world, a good laugh or even a chuckle has the power to make us forget about whatever challenges we’re facing if only for a short time. The more we laugh, the better we feel.

Kate, the main character in Secrets in Storyville, has what she calls “a healthy sense of humor.” I have to agree with her because I found myself laughing out loud as I wrote many of the scenes in the book. I hope, as you escape into Kate’s world, you will too.”

And here’s an excerpt from the book:

I pushed the button on my radio for our local oldies station. As I drove back to work, I cranked up the music and sang along to the strains of Frosty the Snowman.

The song reminded me of the “anatomically correct” snowman Bobby had built in our front yard when we were in our early teens. As long as I lived I would never forget the expression on my mother’s face – a combination of shock and rage – when she pulled into the driveway that day and saw the snowman.

She slammed her car door, stomped over to us, grabbed one of the two carrots Bobby had used – it wasn’t the one for his nose – and tried to pull it out. That carrot must’ve really been stuck because she yanked and yanked before it came out in her hand.

 Bobby and I exchanged glances, trying so hard not to laugh out loud because we knew better than to do that. Somehow we managed to control ourselves until my mother had stormed into the house. Then we both lost it. Thinking about it now as I drove back to work, I couldn’t stop laughing. 

And here’s Pat’s bio:

Patricia Gligor is a Cincinnati native. She has worked as an administrative assistant, the sole proprietor of a resume writing service and the manager of a sporting goods department but her passion has always been writing fiction.

Ms. Gligor is the author of the Malone Mystery series: Mixed Messages, Unfinished Business, Desperate Deeds, Mistaken Identity and Marnie Malone.

Secrets in Storyville, a small town mystery, is separate from her series.

Her books are available at:



I have Secrets in Storyville on my Kindle and I’m eager to start it. Best wishes, Pat! The book sounds great.

Until next time,