The Last Tuesday Book Round-Up

As you may have read if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I spent eleven of the past nineteen days in Hawaii. I was so relaxed and unplugged that I forgot–TWICE–to put up blog posts. So I apologize for my absence the past two Tuesdays.

I did get some reading done on vacation, though. I finished Entrance to Nowhere by Marja McGraw. It’s part of her Sandi Webster series, and I loved it. As I write this, I haven’t put a review on Amazon yet, but I will (I promise). It’s a story about the kidnapping of an eccentric billionaire genius for nefarious technological purposes. It kept me turning pages as fast as I could, even though I hated for it to end. I highly recommend this book, along with the other Sandi Webster stories.

Right now I’m reading–are you ready for this?–The Cape May County New Jersey Magazine of History and Genealogy from June, 1955. It’s research for Cape Island Menace and it’s fascinating.

What are you reading? I hope you’ll share your current reads with the rest of us.

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21 thoughts on “The Last Tuesday Book Round-Up”

  1. I recently discovered Peter Lovesay, who writes a British procedural set in Bath, England. So far I’ve read The Last Detective and Stagestruck. Both were good, but I liked The Last Detective best. Now I’m reading something very different: Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance.


    1. Hi, Maggie. I don’t know why I’m just seeing this now. I haven’t read anything by Peter Lovesay, but I do love a good British procedural. I’ve heard of Hillbilly Elegy–you’ll have to tell us how you like it!


  2. Good morning Amy… although it is probably afternoon by you!
    I recently finished James Patterson’s, The 17th Suspect. It was very good.
    This morning I downloaded Mollie Cox Bryan’s, Assault and Beadery. I am hoping to start it today.

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. It is afternoon here- and a dreary one, at that. James Patterson’s output is amazing. Glad you enjoyed his book. I just put up my review of Assault and Beadery this morning on Amazon. I don’t know if it’s live yet, but I gave it 5 stars. Enjoy the rest of your day! Hope the weather is lovely where you are. 🙂

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    1. I recall reading that you were unplugging, Sally–isn’t it great? But reality eventually intrudes and we can’t stay unplugged forever. Besides, I wouldn’t want to. There’s too much to see and learn and do online! Glad you were able to catch up with your reading. I got a few books read in the last couple weeks and it feels like a big accomplishment. Hugs to you!

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  3. I just finished “Plain Truth” by Jodi Picoult. for Thursday. Mystery Book Club at the Avalon Free Public Library. It was good. Before that was “The Secret Life of Mrs London” by Rebecca Rosenberg I enjoyed that also. Next will be “Murder Beach” By Rena Leith, a local author.


    1. I just had the pleasure of lunch with Rena a few weeks ago and I have Murder Beach on my Kindle. I’m looking forward to reading it. I love the idea of a mystery book club. I might think about joining at some point, but I’m not ready quite yet. Too many books to read before having ones assigned! Hope to see you at the next AWG meeting.


    1. I have never read any of Tony or Anne Hillerman’s books, and it’s definitely time to start. They’re always highly-rated and the southwestern American settings are intriguing. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I’m going to start asap.


    1. I love Jennifer Chiaverini’s books–I just recommended one to someone a couple days ago. This is one I haven’t read yet, but it’s on my list. Sounds fantastic. I’m glad you dropped in! Have a great week.


  4. As usual, I’m reading (rather editing) one of my own novels. Currently working on the next Mrs. Odboddy mystery following Mrs. Odboddy- And Then There was a Tiger! Marja’s book as always good!


    1. Another Mrs. Oddbody book! That’s good news. Marja’s book was so much fun to read. Since I wrote this post I’ve finished The Memory of Light by Mollie Cox Bryan and started City of Gold by Carolyn Arnold. I recommend both! Thanks for visiting.


  5. Fascinating magazine reading … I bet it’s easy to lose oneself in the history! I’m reading a book recommended by my son and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s called ‘It takes one to know one’ by Isla Dewar.


    1. I smiled when I read “It Takes One to Know One.” We always used to use that phrase as kids when we taunted each other. Anytime one of your children recommends a book, that’s a great thing.

      Yes, it’s easy to lose myself in history and research. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to pull myself away so I can get some writing done.

      Thanks for leaving your comment! I’ll have to check out that book.

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