Last Tuesday Book Round-Up for March

Happy Last Tuesday in March! I don’t know if it’s going out like a lamb, as the old adage says, but it’s going out in a flurry of springtime weather, and I love it!

I read three books and one manuscript in March–I can’t tell you much about the manuscript except that it was by D.B Corey, an author skilled in the art of the thriller. The manuscript will hopefully be the eventual sequel to his book The Lesser Sin. I can tell you more when it’s available!

So on to the books I can tell you about: the first one, Messing Around with Words, is a stark, heavy-hitting book of poetry written over the span of fifty years. Here’s my review from Goodreads:

“Stephen M. Honig has amassed a collection of poetry written over fifty years of his life, and the collection is like no other I’ve read. It’s passionate, raw, and poignant, yet relatable and accessible. The reader is both invited and thrust into the mind of the author, and the collection offers a fascinating look at the ways he and his world view have evolved.”

The second book is A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. I had read his book The Vintage Caper years ago, so I knew I would enjoy this one. I wasn’t disappointed. This follows the lives of Mr. Mayle and his wife just after they move from England to the Provence region of France. Their first year is filled with new neighbors, a new language, a new and befuddling work ethic, and lots of wonderful food. This was an enjoyable read from the first page to the last.

And finally, a friend told me of a book she was reading by Kimberly Belle. I looked for Ms. Belle’s books at one of my local libraries and I chose Three Days Missing, a chilling account of a young boy who goes missing from a class camping trip. The book is told mostly from three points of view, but I won’t tell you who does the talking. And the narrator of the last chapter brings a little twist to the story. This is a book that will leave you breathless and reading long past your bedtime.

Please share what you’ve been reading in the comments below!

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31 comments on “Last Tuesday Book Round-Up for March

  1. Marja McGraw says:

    Right now I’m reading a romance, which is something I never read. It’s “The One for Me” by Ramla Zareen Ahmad, about a romance in Pakistan. It’s interesting to see what life is like in a culture different from my own.

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    • amreade says:

      I enjoy reading books set in that part of the world. I enjoyed Rooftops of Tehran and The Gemhunter, set in Iran and Afghanistan/Pakistan, respectively. I know those are places I’ll never be able to visit, so it’s interesting to learn about the culture from others.


  2. Karen Surprenant says:

    I’m reading ‘Unsheltered’ by Barbara Kingsolver


  3. Wonderful reviews, Amy. And it’s fun to see what some of your other followers are reading. Lately I finished the book Tony’s Wife by Adriana Trigliani (sp). Highly recommend it. Following an Italian woman from the 1940s to contemporary time in her career as a singer, musician, and wife and mother. Also just finished the book The Museum of Modern Love- set in New York City and the Museum of Modern Art-edgy and the writing is absolutely incredible.


  4. dgkaye says:

    Fab reviews Amy. I bought A Year in Provence last year. I must push it up! 🙂


  5. I’m currently reading The Wood Beyond by the brilliant Reginald Hill and Kingdom of the Blind by Louise Penny. Some other standouts in March included Geronimo’s Bones by Darrell Bryant, In a House of Lies by Ian Rankin and Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann.


  6. bunkie68 says:

    A Year in Provence sounds interesting. I’ll have to add it to my gigantic TBR pile.

    Some of what I’ve read in March:

    Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy – the imagining of the young life of Marilla Cuthbert and what her life was like before Anne came along. I really enjoyed it.

    Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse – this was a surprisingly good read! Lots of action and twists and turns.

    Veins of Gold by Charlie Holmberg – I love her Paper Magician series, and Veins of Gold, while not part of that series, was a delightful read. I think it’s a stand-alone, which makes me a little sad. I’d love to know what happens next for the characters.

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    • amreade says:

      I believe Peter Mayle later wrote a book called My Twenty-Five Years in Provence, which I’ve also added to my TBR.

      The books you’ve been reading sound so good. As a lover of all things Anne of Green Gables, I think I would enjoy reading about Marilla’s fictional upbringing. And anything about Mycroft Holmes is worth a read!

      I have not read anything by Charlie Holmberg…yet. You make some great recommendations.

      Thanks for visiting!


  7. Jenny says:

    These all sound like great reads – thanks for the inspiration for new books to pick up next month. I am reading Harrison Scott Key’s memoir “Congratulations, Who Are You Again?” and I am finding it to be hilarious!


  8. maggie8king says:

    I’ve been reading mostly suspense, thrillers, and police procedurals. Especially enjoyed After Anna by Lisa Scottoline (this is the featured book for All Henrico Reads, and she’ll be in Richmond on Apr. 10). Also Rip-Off by Mar Preston (R-rated for just about everything!), I’ve Got My Eyes on You by Mary Higgins Clark, and Firewall by Henning Mankell.

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  9. dbcorey says:

    Hi Amy, and thanks for the plug. The MS is finished (finally) and I’ve formatted it for eBook. Will send to Smashwords for eBook pre-order while I work on the cover. I’ve settled on The Unspeakable Sin for a title at Maggie’s urging, and once all the eBook stuff in complete I’ll work on the paperback version. When finished, you’ll be the first to know.
    Thanks again for the push.
    Best, DB

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  10. I’m reading “A Gathering of Secrets” by Linda Castillo. Great book in a great series!

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