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Have you ever tried reading and exercising at the same time?

It’s not easy.

I’ve tried reading books on the treadmill and the spin bike, and I usually end up putting on music or turning on the television because either the book or the Kindle falls on the floor or the sweat in my eyes prevents me from seeing anything. I have to do something or I’ll get bored.

Recently I’ve turned to podcasts. If you’ve heard any good podcasts recently, you know they’re great for those times when you want to be engaged, entertained, and hands-free.

I thought I’d compile a short list of some of the podcasts I’ve enjoyed. Give them a try next time you’re using your headphones or driving (not all cars will have that capability, though) and by all means, share your favorites in the comments below!

1.  Mystery Rat’s Maze Podcast by Kings River Life Magazine (KRL). This podcast comes out about twice a month and features a mystery short story or the first chapter of a mystery novel. It’s a great way to sample a book before deciding to buy it or borrow it from a library. Each podcast is narrated by an actor or actress from California’s San Joaquin Valley. Click here to be redirected to the homepage of KRL’s podcast.

2.  Death in Ice Valley by the BBC World Service. Back in 2018, a BBC documentary maker teamed up with an investigative reporter from Norway to try to figure out the identity of a woman who died in the Isdalen Valley (also called Ice Valley) of Norway in 1970. Through a series of ten podcasts, the two investigators travel throughout parts of Europe, following clues wherever they lead to discover where the woman may have come from, for whom she might have been working, and why she may have been in Norway at the time of her death. Click here to be redirected to the podcast.

3.  BBC World Book Club by the BBC World Service. In this monthly podcast, some of the best-known authors in the world discuss their best-known books. The show doesn’t focus on any particular genre–they’ve had fantasy, thriller, memoir, you name it. Click here to be redirected to the home page.

4. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine has a podcast archive of over a hundred shows featuring readings and dramatizations from some of the best suspense writers in the world. Check out their offerings here

The next one is a website compilation of great podcasts for readers of mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels.

5. Bustle.com 

6. Fiction by The New Yorker. In each podcast of The New Yorker: Fiction, a different author is chosen to pick a story from the magazine’s archives to read and discuss. Click here to check out what this podcast has to offer from the eclectic collections of The New Yorker.

photo courtesy of milyoung23, pixabay

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9 thoughts on “Podcasts for Readers”

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Amy. I keep meaning to get into podcasts. I’ve listened to a few of the Kings River Life ones and they’re fun. I’m going to submit one of my stories to them.


    1. That’s great, Maggie. I was thinking of doing the same thing someday, but I don’t have any stories that are long enough. I would LOVE to hear one of yours on the podcast!!


  2. I had no idea what a podcast really was until I started watching “God Friended Me.” Then there was a three-part mystery which included a podcast on Hallmark Mystery channel. If looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing some podcasts with us.


    1. You’re welcome, Marja. I saw one episode of “God Friended Me” and I didn’t see it again after that–no particular reason, other than not having the time to watch. I bet a Hallmark Mystery channel podcast would be fun.


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